Fatma Loves to Draw!

Fatma Al-Remaihi is a drawer in the virtual world, a graphic designer in "real life." In other words, being in the wrong place at the wrong time all the time.


What an eventful week. Going back to work after Eid break. Started teaching a portfolio development class with Ryan. Finally had a Skype chat with Mayed which i blew by crying in front of him and showing him how bad i miss him. Yeah. An eventful week. And a lonely journey.

Good night, universe.

Oh, and Mayed, congratulations on the new bike. I am jealous! <3


"My work has always had a lot to do with language … the embroideries have evolved over a few years. They were all text-based initially, and they are still actually text-based even though the text is harder to find." -Jessica Rankin, Thread Lines artist, discussing her work in 2010.

Thread Lines is on view through December 14.

Video courtesy of Art21

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