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Mayed and I saw Miley Cyrus’s LOL today, or should i say LOUL! I don’t know how to describe it, it was ridiculous. But Mayed and I have finally established our mark amongst a certain theatre goers, which are of certain demography, attend at such and such timings, and types of movies. We enjoyed commenting on every single stupid thing in the movie and we were so proud the girls sitting behind us were kicking our seats. haha.

Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of people in the theatre, but what really caught our attention was two old men sitting in front of us. Old enough they had trouble walking; too old for a teen movie.. I’m sorry i couldn’t help but stare at one of them taking a break sitting at the front row on his way out and back. We don’t see this everyday, it’s weird…

Back to the movie. There was no story. Teens with problems, relationships, parents with problems, grandmother who has a problem, girls and boys with diaries, military school, Paris, music and musicians, the guy wrote a song to his girlfriend, bad hair, facebooking, the girl that plays the psychic vampire in Twilight, LOL borrowing her mom’s clothes.. Did i miss anything?

So, what was great about the movie? Chicago! I’ve only seen it in pictures and tv, but i’ve been obsessing about it a lot lately I almost bought a “rough guide” book from I Spy Bookshop. I am so going to visit Chicago one day if not have a chance to reside there for some time.

Good night.

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