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Fatma Al-Remaihi is a drawer in the virtual world, a graphic designer in "real life." In other words, being in the wrong place at the wrong time all the time.
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I got accepted at MASSART! I’m so happy right now.. although i know i’m gonna suffer later on making the decision on which one to choose out of 4 AWESOME schools! 

And even though i got 1 rejection, it still feels like an achievement. I have finally reached the end of this phase, and now i’m ready for the next. 

Mayed, seriously i wouldn’t have done this without you. Thanks for believing in me. I love you so much i’ll buy you Vampire Weekend tickets if you’re gonna agree to go with me again. hahahaha  <3


Wow. Tumblr looks different. When did this happen? 

I’ve been too busy this week to sleep, eat, draw, play, and think properly. One more week left of this nonsensical madness and then i’ll be on leave.

I can’t wait for things to happen. I hope everyone is doing alright, did i miss anything?


I’m home. Had some Arabic coffee, and now is thinking of what I had planned for last Thursday but couldn’t do because i was too sick.. and then wondering whether I should do it or do the other thing instead! 


I just finished working out, It was fun and it feels good. Now, I have some work to do for tomorrow and then i’ll spend the evening drawing and watching Tron.

Tumblr, you’re welcome to join!

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