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BAD ROMANCE by Lady Gaga

Well the hitRECord SUMMER IN THE CITY shows are over.  The third and final one was last night.  These have been about as much fun as I’ve ever had in my life, really.  Growing up going to little punk rock shows, I always wanted to do things like that.

We’ve formed this tradition where we do one thing a night that’s copyrighted.  Everything we do on hitRECord.org is original material (or public domain) and, since rules are meant to be broken, I like pointing out how retarded the world’s current Intellectual Property laws are… even though hitRECord follows them :o/  

Anyway, point is, I’ve been doing these cover songs, and last night I did this one.  Ooh là là!

Here’s hitRECord’s collaboration page with lots more RECords from last night’s show.  If you were there and you got any, let’s have ‘em!  Please… THANKS!